Case | TCL lighting-Maldives, helping to build a "city of hope"
2022-07-07 11:21

In the Maldives, a new city hulumale on an artificial island, is rising rapidly. Locals call it the "city of hope". In recent years, Chinese enterprises have undertaken housing projects in hulumale to help it take off and help thousands of local families improve their living conditions.

On June 20, the Maldives housing phase III project held a grand handover ceremony. The project is undertaken by China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. (CMEC) affiliated to China machinery industry group. TCL lighting provides high-quality lighting products for the project, including LED tubes, ceiling lights, wall lights, brackets, projection lights, emergency lights, etc., to create a healthy, safe and comfortable light environment and help create a livable space!

the Maldives housing phase III.jpg

The project was successfully handed over under the witness of H.E. fissel Nassim, vice president of the Republic of Maldives, Yu Xueyong, acting office of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, and Wang Bo, chairman of the state machinery engineering group. The president of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Maldives, Shahid, delivered a speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York by video and congratulated on the smooth handover of the project.

Present at the ceremony on the Malaysian side were: the ambassador to China (Beijing venue), the Minister of national planning, housing and infrastructure, the Minister of foreign affairs, the Minister of transport, the majority leader of the people's Congress, the member of hurumale Island, the director of the national police, the director of the General Administration of customs, the chairman of the power bureau, the deputy general manager of the Water Affairs Bureau and other members of the Maldivian cabinet Political dignitaries and heads of Maldives functional departments who have provided assistance in the implementation of phase III housing project.


It is reported that after the completion and delivery of the Maldives housing phase III project, more than 10000 local people will move to their new homes and enjoy the results of the "the Belt and Road" Cooperation Initiative, and personally experience the modern and high-quality dream home created by Chinese enterprises for them.

The Maldives housing phase III.jpg

The Maldives housing project, as an important cooperation project between China and Malaysia under the framework of the "the Belt and Road", is one of the key livelihood projects of the Maldives government. The phase III housing project will not forget the entrustment of President Xi to "build a good house for the Maldives people". On the basis of the original project, it will be completed and delivered in 2022 by integrating supporting facilities to facilitate residents' lives and combining domestic high-quality home decoration materials and processes.


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